The Roast of a Stripper

Event has passed (Sat Jul 26, 2014 - Sat Jul 26, 2014)
Playland Bar
Doors @ 6:30 Show starts @ 7:00
Family, Comedy, Cultural Event


You've seen the comedy roasts on TV, heard them on the radio, now it's time to see one in person. RoastSF Comedy Roasts are so funny people have literally laughed so hard they peed themselves (okay they were also really really drunk, but hey... it happend).

This month we'll be roasting another controversial, yet necessary, member of society:

RoastSF Presents: . The Roast of a Stripper .

Our guest of honor, Ember Reese, comes sliding in off the poles of the Historic Condor Club - SF's Original Gentlemen's Club. Now, they say behind every stripper there is a person... Hahaa that was the first joke. Strippers, some people love them, some people hate them, some people pay them money to get naked. Well we've hired one to come on down and let us roast them! Oh and don't worry Ember is hella cool, down to be roasted, is going to have friends there, and yea just because she's a stripper doesn't mean she can't tell a mean joke. So grab your dollar bills and hand sanatizer cause this one's getting dirty.

This Months Dirty Dais:

Teruel Aldrich (or is it Aldrich Teruel?)

Cheryl White (Her last name may be a stage name)

Tom Smith (The Headliner)

Pete O'Keefe (Peter = Dick / Keefe = Weed / Pete O'Keefe = Dickweed)

Clay Newman (Replace the N with a J)

Dro Knows (Nothing)

Mark Shrayber (Nickname = Shark Shrayber)

David (Lee) Roth

Emily Van Dyke (She hosts like Dick)

RoastSF is an old school Friars Club/Comedy Central type roast. We get messed up and we go hard. Drinking is encouraged, sensitivity... is not.

After seeing our show other people have been quoted saying things like:

"Hahahahahahahahaha" -Some Homeless Guy We Let Into the Last Show

"I don't know what's hotter, RoastSF or Siracha." -Ed Lee

"Wish they put that show on at my club" -A major comedy club owner

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  1. Playland Bar
    1351 Polk Street, San Francisco, CA