The Marsh Berkeley Presents "Dragon in the Drop-Off Lane"

Thu Nov 29 (full schedule below)
The Marsh Theatre - Berkeley
$20 - $100
Theater / Performance Arts


This holiday season, The Marsh Berkeley brings Lisa Rothman’s "Dragon in the Drop-Off Lane "to the Marsh Discovery Series, which showcases work under development. After her kids dodge bullets at the local park, Rothman seeks respite by bringing them to a Winter Solstice Carnival in the ritzy town where she grew up. Holding the acorn pouch she purchased for $30, Lisa can’t wait to use the acorns to pay for the pagan caroling, the gingerbread man decorating, and the puppet show. But now finds she’s dodging a sanctimonious parent-volunteer in Lululemon yoga pants, a fire-breathing dragon, and – the most formidable opponent of all – her father. The stage is set for a heartfelt farce in which Lisa must reckon with what her parenting choices have cost her children.

For information or to order tickets, visit or call (415) 282-3055 (Monday through Friday, 1pm-4pm).


The Marsh Theatre - Berkeley
2120 Allston Way
Berkeley, CA
Thu Nov 29 (7:30pm)
Sat Dec 1 (5pm)
Thu Dec 6 (7:30pm)
Sat Dec 8 (5pm)
Thu Dec 13 (7:30pm)


  1. The Marsh Theatre - Berkeley 2120 Allston Way, Berkeley, CA