The Limousines

Event has passed (Fri Sep 27, 2013 - Fri Sep 27, 2013)
Agenda Restaurant & Lounge


Eric Victorino and Gio Giusti didn't plan on making hit records when they started the Limousines. It was the most DIY project possible, with the two of them trading Giusti's beats and Victorino’s back and forth on their laptops, simply looking for the ultimate in unadulterated artistic expression. Victorino in particular was burnt out on the pursuit of rock and roll stardom after the major-label headaches of his previous band Strata. But their infectious electronic rock and the blunt honesty of their lyrics offered something unique in the retro-80s landscape of post-Passion Pit modern rock, and they built a big following with the singles "Very Busy People" and "Internet Killed the Video Star." Their debut album Get Sharp brought a cohesive elegance to a wild ride of a track listing, which careened sharply though a multitude of perspectives on love, sex and death, from the gothy rave of "Dancing At Her Funeral" to the gorgeous artistic statement of "The Future." Still, it wasn’t enough for them artistically, and the Campbell duo went back to the drawing board, resulting in the incredibly lush follow-up album Hush, a level-up in the sophistication of both their songwriting and sound.

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  1. Agenda Restaurant & Lounge
    399 S 1st St, San Jose, CA