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The Last Bison's mountain-top chamber music combines elements of alternative indie-folk with classical sensibilities, bringing a fresh inspiring sound to the folk genre. The music of this seven member band grew organically in the family living room and around backyard bonfires giving it a rootsy quality and yet the complex arrangements and refined strings seem just as appropriate in the symphony hall.

Ben Hardesty's (vocals and guitar) songwriting bears sonic resemblance to groups such as Fleet Foxes, Mumford and Sons and The Decemberists. Folkhive stated stated "Dare I say that [The Last] Bison is to folk what Arcade Fire is to indie rock? Boasting 7 members and a sound seemingly born on the tree covered mountain tops of Virginia [The Last] Bison lays down expansive and yet imminently listenable folk with an original feel I've not experienced in quite some time". Incorporating traditional folk instruments with a reed organ, percussion and classical strings creates a unique hybrid sound that defies pigeon-holing the band. The blog "Independent Clauses" stated "[The Last] Bison's debut album Quill uses the seriousness of Fleet Foxes' grounded sound as a framework, layering strings, bells and more on top. "Iscariot" and "The Woodcutter's Son" have a darkly pastoral bent that recalls pre-The King is Dead Decemberists. "[The Last] Bison has had the opportunity to headline the Norva (Norfolk, VA) as well as perform with the Virginia Symphony Orchestra.

Kris Orlowski

Baritone vocalist/songwriter Kris Orlowski writes from a real, unguarded place and that accessibility is tangible on stage and off. With the October release of a rock orchestral EP with composer Andrew Joslyn alongside a five piece band, the group is turning heads. Sound on the Sound claims Orlowski is "a troubadour by definition, whose full bodied croon develops a charisma all its own." Unless you've had your heart surgically removed, these are songs that will move you.

Jon Gunton

A reclusive, itinerant, gypsy-like, indie-rock bluesman, most recently spotted in the Western Coast of the United States. Gunton takes American roots music and makes it bloom into his own weird tree. He is not afraid of harmonicas or organs. And he worships Rock N Roll with a religious fervor. At times he lives in monastic, Brian Wilson-like seclusion, occasionally spotted on the streets of San Francisco pasty and demented, harmonizing to himself. Other times he is more sociable, and has a firm handshake, a strong drink, and lots of woman troubles. His albums are Bull Dogg, Divisadero, and he is currently working on his new LP, Pretty Weird Mind.


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