The Geek Show 2: BindleCon

Sat Apr 21 (full schedule below)
Bindlestiff Studio
April 12-28, Thursday-Saturday, 8pm
$15 - $25
Theater / Performance Arts


April 12-28, Thursday-Saturday, 8pm

After a successful first run last year, "The Geek Show" is back at Bindlestiff Studio.

Conceived by producers Thomas Paras and Marc Abrigo, The Geek Show is both a love letter and a critique about contemporary geek culture. From comedy sketches to dramatic pieces, the multi-genre theatre production brings together the passionate, the ostracized, and the awkward together in celebration of everything under the umbrella of geekdom.

This upcoming iteration of The Geek Show will be a little different, for all the stories presented will be set entirely within a convention. The roof is ripped off of a convention center, as interconnected stories emerge from this one day at the geek fest that is BindleCon. From the story of a first-time con-goer, to a showdown of seasoned geek parents, and the exciting life as a rover a la Law and Order, expect for ground of a different kind to be covered, all the while staying true to exploring the life and journey of geeks everywhere.

April 12-28, Thurs-Sat, 8pm
April 12 - Community Preview Pay-What-You-Can
April 13 - Opening Night Reception


Bindlestiff Studio
185 6th Street
San Francisco, CA
Sat Apr 21 (April 12-28, Thursday-Saturday, 8pm)
Thu Apr 26 (April 12-28, Thursday-Saturday, 8pm)
Fri Apr 27 (April 12-28, Thursday-Saturday, 8pm)
Sat Apr 28 (April 12-28, Thursday-Saturday, 8pm)


  1. Bindlestiff Studio 185 6th Street, San Francisco, CA