The Anata Project Announces Spring Season Performances Featuring Two World Premieres

Event has passed (Fri May 17, 2013 - Sat May 18, 2013)
Z Space
Dance, Modern Dance


THE ANATA PROJECT dance company, founded by Bay Area resident Claudia Anata Hubiak, has announced its spring season performances featuring two new world premieres - The Hush Hush Chronicles and Kittleslip. This evening of dance will also include a new work by guest artist Summation Dance from New York City.

Based on the idea that everyone has a secret, The Hush Hush Chronicles (World Premiere) tells of the juicy stories buried deep within us. Set in the late 1920’s at the height of Prohibition, this world premiere explores the undisclosed elements we lock away, and sometimes spill along the way. With an original score performed live by We Became Owls, the seven dancers who form The Anata Project bond together to create their own secret society of misfits.

Kittleslip (World Premiere) is a study about desire and the slippery nature of human exchange. An unstable trio falls, slinks and slides their way through the waves of relationship, just missing the connections so inherently desired. Set to an original score by LapCat, Hubiak explores the ever changing nature of what we think we want...until we get it.

Also included in the evening performance are The Anata Project’s 659 Days of Ruby and Mr. S (2011) and a guest performance by Summation Dance from New York City titled Shift. This new work by choreographer Sumi Clements, explores the notions of alternate planes of existence and parallel universes, as well as ideas of fate and its outcomes. Using intricate patterning and distinct athleticism, nine women embody this concept as they create an atmosphere rife with tension, compassion, mystery and symmetry. Shift features an original composition by frequent Summation collaborator, Kyle Olson.


  1. Z Space
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