TEDxSanFrancisco - SOLD OUT

Event has passed (Tue Oct 10, 2017 - Tue Oct 10, 2017)
Herbst Theatre
9am - 6pm
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TEDxSanFrancisco is a full day of live TED talks and performances in the heart of San Francisco with inspirational speakers in the field of tech, science, philosophy, design and entertainment. Since 2016 it is a yearly event with the recurrent theme DareToKnow.

Never in the field of research have so many tools been available to so many by so many.

October 10th will be a day when we push the frontiers of our knowledge and guide you through an evolving mesh of ideas and practices, a rich mix of citizens, scientists and culture and where you will make lifelong connections with fellow idea explorers.

We have an exciting line-up ready for TEDxSanFrancisco 2017. Here's a list of speakers:

ANDREW HESSEL, Life Scientist in microbiology and genetics, working at the forefront of genomics, to read and comprehend bacterial, human, and other genomes and more recently to write them.

ATUL BUTTE, Computational Health Scientist, leads the UCSF Institute for Computational Health Sciences for new insights into diseases.

CATHERINE HOKE, Prison entrepreneur in the United States, transforming the hustle of people with criminal history into legitimate business leaders.

DAN EVERETT, Linguist, Author, Philosopher, best known for his study of the Amazon Basin's Pirahã people and their language.

ELAINE FONG, Senior Designer who has worked for major global brands, believes in Visual Design with a Heart.


GABE ZICHERMANN, Entrepreneur in Behavioral Change, leveraged game mechanics in business, education for the last decade and is now on a mission to help people help fight their online addictions.

JACK GALLANT, Cognitive Neuroscientist at UC Berkeley, is conducting advanced research in brain decoding to discover how the mammalian brain represents information about the world and about its own mental states.

JANE METCALFE, Entrepreneur in Media and food, co-Founder of Wired and Tcho and Neo-Life is working on the parallels between the digital revolution in the 90s and the Neo-Biological revolution today.

KATHLEEN BREITMAN, works at the intersection of cryptography and capital markets, and led one of the most iconic and successful Initial Coin Offering for a decentralized blockchain that governs itself.

KATHRYN HAUN, Lecturer in Digital Currency and Former Federal Prosecutor on Cyber Criminality led both the BTC-e Exchange and the Silk Road investigations.

MAR CABRA, Head Researcher at the  International Consortium of Investigative Journalists, works on key data work and develops tools for better collaborative investigative journalism.

MATTHEW SWEENY, Entrepreneur in drones to reinvent delivery process for humanitarian and Global Outreach.

MOSES, Witness, Storyteller, Musician

NEIL GRIMMER, was a rock punk art student before becoming a successful entrepreneur in personalized and healthy nutrition.

NICK ADKINS, Kilt-wearing pink furry bike riding healthcare former professional who wants more love and less fear.

OMOJU MILLER, Data Scientist with over a decade of experience in computational intelligence researching the myth of innate ability in tech.

QUENTIN HARDY, International Writer, focuses on the fundamental impact of change in tech, biology and money on business and society.

RACHEL THOMAS,  Mathematician, Deep Learning researcher bringing and teaching Deep Learning to the mainstream.

REBECCA ALTMAN, Writer, environmental sociologist about the social history of chemistry, plastics, pollution and environmental legacy.

SEBASTIEN de HALLEUX, Entrepreneur in wind and solar powered drones for data collection at sea.

The event starts at 9am sharp and ends at 6 pm. Lunch, snacks, and drinks are provided. The After-party includes meeting with the speakers, food, and drinks. The location will be shared at a later stage.

The detailed program of speaker appearance will be shared two weeks prior to the event, the program may be subject to change and all our platforms will be updated subsequently. 


  1. Herbst Theatre 401 Van Ness Ave, San Francisco, CA