Sweet Elena’s in Sand City Announces New Art Exhibition July 1 to Septmber 15

Event has passed (Fri Jul 5, 2013 - Sun Sep 15, 2013)
Sweet Elenas Bakery & Cafe
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Sweet Elena’s Bakery and Café located at 465 D Olympia Avenue in Sand City using fresh and local ingredients.

The Facts:
· Sweet Elena’s in Sand City Announces New Art Exhibition From July 1 to September 15 Featuring Tracy Parker

Tracy Parker is an environmental designer, artist, and native spirit dweller from the central coast of California

· Reception for the Artist August 23rd 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. before the West End Kick-Off Party

Tracy Parker is an environmental designer, artist, and native spirit dweller from the central coast of California. She formed LIGHT DWELLINGS in 2005 creating an integrative visual art and land-based regenerative design studio for individuals interested in inhabiting modern holistic sanctuary spaces and wild environs. Her creative repertoire integrates fine art, architectural and ecological design, interior and exterior spaces as well as custom eco-furnishings. In 2013 she has expanded her offerings to include her new collections of textile weavings and fiber assemblages as well as her Shamanic Energy Medicine practice. Tracy’s unique dexterity allows her to blend these related modalities to create dwellings, spaces and wild environs rich in beauty, authenticity and substance while grounded in deep ecology and the spirit of place.

Tracy grew up in an oak chaparral canyon in the coastal foothills of central California. This unique geography was a magnet for discovery and exploration and where she first forged an intimate connection with ecology, spirit and the land. This sacred land still to this day influences her approach and understanding of the interwoven nature of all things. Her work embodies this whole-systems perspective and the inherent beauty and mysticism that is so profoundly alive and dynamic in our natural surroundings and within our selves. She is a midwife of and for the earth- earth and spirit working through her to midwife the birthing of new ways of being, seeing and inhabiting the world and our soul’s journey.

A devoted practitioner of elemental living in her daily personal and professional life, Tracy inhabits a 680sf dwelling she transformed from uninhabitable to a light-filled open sanctuary space exhibiting sustainable, minimal, elemental living. Having gone through a major life transition during the course of construction, the making of her home became a living breathing physical and energetic metaphor for her new unfolding life and transformational journey growing into her new body and new skin. Shamanic energy medicine was a key component in this transformational and evolutionary process of self and has since fully integrated into her creative process and services.; offering private energy healing sessions and facilitating playful, holistic creativity + wilderness immersion workshops for individuals and groups interested in re-aligning, re-balancing and re-harmonizing their mind-body-land-spirit connection. By tapping into, exploring and harnessing the mythic creative energy that lies within each of us and intimately relating it to the inherent creative capacity that our wild environs and surrounding wilderness holds, these workshops expand our experience and knowing of what’s possible as we come home to and reconnect to our unique creative selves that want to be known, seen and make a difference in the world.

Hours of Operation:

Monday-Friday, 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

Saturday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Sweet Elena’s likes to promote a few cultural events and theme dinners, book signings and art shows. At Sweet Elena’s our team enjoys celebrating food and culture. Come and visit us! For more information call 831.393.2063 or go to https://www.sweetelenas.net. Follow up on Facebook for specials offers and promotions.


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