Studio SQ

250 Napoleon St. Suite H, San Francisco, CA
+1 415.642.1949
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Music, Recording Studio
Sun - Sat (12am - 12pm)
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Studio SQ (a.k.a. Snoppy Quop Studios) is more than San Francisco's foremost up and coming recording studio. It's an audio production suite deeply rooted in the arts, culture, and the good life of this city.
Snoppy Quop Studios is located on the edge of the Mission District/Protrero Hill section of San Francisco. The Studio was originally built in 1982 and has a diverse musical history, hosting classic artists such as Billy Bragg, NOFX, and the Melvins. The studio is professionally designed and features a 1,000 sq. ft tracking room (with no parallel walls), large tuned control room, large isolation booth, studio lounge, kitchen, reception area, and restroom. In addition, all rooms are equiped with wall boxes, cue boxes, and throug-lines, all of which allow our artists to simulate a live recording.
All of us here have been involved with music for most of our lives. We emphasize independent creativity and work closely with all of our artists to provide a sound that not only captures the nature of the piece, but one that captivates and inspires its audience.