Stretch - A Reason to Wine with Craig Ramsay

Event has passed (Sun Jul 9, 2017 - Sun Jul 9, 2017)
Infusion Lounge
3:00 PM - 4:00 PM PDT
Drinks, Sports / Fitness


Fitness Guru and Realty Star, Craig Ramsay brings you the one of a kind wine tasting and fitness experience with Stretch A Reason To Wine at San Francisco's renowned, Hotel Fusion.

Stretch A Reason To Wine is a healthy, unique and highly palatable way to entertain, and open to people of all shapes and sizes! This one hour stretch class helps participants feel bold and sexy all while tasting wine! The event starts off with silky stretches and silky wines and moves toward more bold full body movements paired with bold full body red wines. Class checkin in is at 6:30pm, Class starts at 7:00pm.

*After the class enjoy our Social Hour at Hotel Fusion with 15% off all food and drinks from Taste Restaurant!

Want to contiue the party after the class? Special Hotel + Class Packages Available for $209; includes Room, Breakfast, 1 Ticket to Stretch, and VIP Pass to return to Infusion Lounge at a later date. Contact Rita at Hotel Fusion directly at 1-415-568-2527 or [email protected]

Stretching Increases ?exibility and energy, Burns calories, Improves cardiorespiratory endurance, Combats the effects of aging, Relieves stress, Improves muscle coordination, Relieves lower-back pain, Elongates muscles, and Helps prevent injuries. There is actual scienti?cally proven bene?ts of exercising and moderate wine drinking. It has been shown that wine when paired with a person that exercises will lower cholesterol and protect against cardiovascular disease. On a ?nal dry note, it also makes exercising way more fun!

There's no reason not to wine with friends when Craig makes stretching so entertaining. Let the body and wine ?ow!


  1. Infusion Lounge 124 Ellis Street, San Francisco, CA