St. John's Presbyterian Church

25 Lake St, San Francisco, CA
(415) 751-1626
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Religion, Church
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Imagine yourself back in the Victorian and Edwardian days of a small rural hamlet in the gentle English countryside. A short distance from the rolling green expanse of the Presidio, the Gothic doorway of San Francisco's brown-shingled, century-old St. John's Presbyterian Church invites you to enter and breathe the air of simpler times.

Inside are gracefully curving lacework lines of rich brown, wooden timbers, arching dramatically overhead like branches reaching heavenward. Crossing the threshhold into St. John's is like stepping into the interior of a tree.

This delicate landmark, with fine wood tracery in English Gothic style, graceful Spanish chandelier, lovely stained glass windows, and golden calligraphy on the arch, is a most intimate building with wonderful natural acoustics.

The softest of sounds are easily heard throughout the sanctuary. Drums, dulcimer, psaltery and harp sound right at home. Peace and relaxation are near at hand, within this soothing bower.