Spring Tantric Awakening: Speaking & Manifesting Your Desire

Event has passed (Sun Mar 18, 2018 - Sun Mar 18, 2018)
The Nexus Center
03:30 PM
Religion / Spiritual
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***Space is limited. Register for tickets now and join us on Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/events/1789275881375808/!***
"Divine spirit, Thank you for filling me with divine inspiration.Help me to listen and remain balanced, so that I know where and how best to inspire others in turn."Let's get intentional with our spoken word and with the connections with ourselves and others. We each hold a spark of divinity within us that is capable of manifesting anything we imagine and desire. Join Chanelle Aryasingha and Zagreus Wolf as we explore with you power of presence and the spoken word to manifest our desires. Experience a delicious mix of ritual, sharing, and energetic Tantric connection that will help seekers to:- connect to divine energy - the energy of manifestation and creation,- explore intentions and the things that stand in the way of your manifesting them,- expand your awareness of self and others in your field,- create powerful words to help focus on your intent, and- attune yourself to the frequency of receiving.- accelerate and activate your powers of manifestation and magicExpect to have your magical manifestation powers activated!This workshop is for you if you know you want more... more love, more freedom, more abundance, more growth and you appreciate the power of the spoken word to help you create what you want.Spring is the time when the light returns to the Earth and we begin our work, planting and tending our gardens and preparing for the harvest to come. The time for rest, slumber, contemplation and looking backward is coming to an end as the darkness abates and warmth emerges into the world. The Pisces New Moon on March 17 signals an ideal time to set new intentions, question old habits, plant new seeds, and set the stage for a new start. It is a time to be open to receive divine inspiration and set yourself on the path to manifest your desires for this cycle and many to come.The key to manifestation is being present and encompassing the energy and frame of mind to attract what you want, whether that is wealth, abundance, or love. When we vibrate at a higher frequency, we become a magnet for the things that also vibrate on that level. When we are present in every moment we are open to possibilities and aware of opportunities as they present themselves.All consenting beings with an open heart and a curious mind are invited. Our offerings are accessible to students at all experience levels and encourage growth and inquiry from within a facilitated container. Couples and singled individuals of all gender identities are welcome and supported. We encourage (but never require) genderless exploration, with an emphasis on building self-awareness and self-knowledge.Doors open at 3:30pm for a cleansing smudge, welcoming hug, and warm greetings with other beautiful beings present. Please arrive on time as we start our session promptly at 3:45pm to honor everyone’s time and commitment.Bring ideas for an intent or a written intent for this powerful season. We will work with them in a co-creative and lovingly collaborative fashion during the workshop. Also bring a sacred item for the shared altar. Dress for comfort, movement and in a way that helps you to feel sensual, sexy, and maybe even a little edgy and ecstatic. This is an alcohol, drug and scent free event.***Space is limited. Register for tickets now !***


  1. The Nexus Center 1436 Howard Street, San Francisco, CA