SPACE TRIP: The Next Season

Event has passed (Thu Aug 3, 2017 - Thu Oct 5, 2017)
Stage Werx
08:00 PM
Film / Television
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Boarding Party presents Space Trip, the live serialized sci-fi show where the captain always dies.
The year is still 2160, and the crew is back from a month-long hiatus. Buzz, the second man on the moon. Xenu, the lizard-like alien ex-dictator/cook. Click, an instectoid diplomat with a bloodlust.
The USS Ford Fiesta needs a new captain. Each show, you the audience choose how the captain will die in a never-before-seen horrific, hilarious way. Try as they might to avoid the death of your choosing, the crew must ultimately succumb to your wild whims. The story is never known in advance, and can never be guessed. Come see the only show guaranteed to delight all carbon-based life forms… Space Trip!
Price: $5
Cast:Peter ChapmanAnton ShusterSean MarneyAnd featuring the ill-fated captain: Andy Feldman
Andy discovered improv in 2013 and hasn't looked back since, except for that one time he thought someone was following him. He recently finished a run on the Endgames Improv house Harold team There's Hope and can currently be seen as part of the cast of Baked Beliefs every first and third Wednesday at Stage Werx. He also may or may not occasionally host Endgames' Thunderdome as Ricky Rampage; it depends if you ask Andy or Ricky.


  1. Stage Werx 446 Valencia Street, San Francisco, CA