Sound Paths

Event has passed (Mon Dec 10, 2018 - Mon Dec 10, 2018)
Anchor Meditation
08:00 PM
Sports / Fitness
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Deeply relax and explore meditation through sound while in the comfortable savasana position as beautiful ambient music drifts gracefully throughout the room, in and around you. Seek out your deeper, natural brainwave states through gently applied pure isochronic frequencies, pleasant nature sounds, exotic virtual instruments, and crystal singing instruments. Take advantage of the many adaptogenic qualities curiously embedded within ambient music to help you melt away any accumulated stress by simply focusing on your breathing and the spaces heard between the notes played. After the music has ended we’ll all enjoy a warm cup of medicinal tea together and chat about our meditation experiences and our collective passions for music and plants, if you wish to. ~Flower & Frequency are Joshua W. Bruner (Composer + Artist) and Nora Toomey (Poet + Herbalist). Joshua inadvertently discovered meditation through his deep curiosities of music. Realizing how powerful his experience was, he then began a journey to share the relaxing aspects of sound with others. With over 20 years exploring countless genres as well as touring through a dozen countries, he has now turned his attention towards meditation and relaxation purposes full time, musically. Drawing encouragement from musical inspirations such as Brian Eno, Harold Budd, Joanna Brouk, Laraaji, Brian Wilson, Klaus Wiese, and Roedelius; Joshua creates natural feeling ambient soundscapes by taking advantage of advancements in musical technology and carefully blending them with the familiarity of acoustic instruments. His business partner and wife, Nora Toomey, is a published poet and herbalist who often lends her words and plant knowledge to these sound baths in the form of poems, herbal elixirs, flower essences, and medicinal teas. She has a MFA in poetry from CCA and is currently studying to be a Western Clinical Herbalist at the Ohlone Center. Nora has always held a great deal of connection and respect for the power held within language and the plant world.


  1. Anchor Meditation 1648 Pacific Avenue, San Francisco, CA