Sound Oasis - Sound Bath Bliss with Loriel Starr

Event has passed (Sat Oct 21, 2017 - Sat Oct 21, 2017)
The Assembly
07:30 PM
Sports / Fitness
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Enjoy an evening of Sound Bath bliss as your body and mind rest and attune to peace and well-being.  You'll be immersed in the vibrant overtones, healing frequencies and dynamic soundscapes of Tibetan and crystal singing bowls, Planetary Gongs and an assortment of sound meditation instruments as you lie down (or sit) comfortably.  If you're new to meditation or find it difficult to meditate, sound  baths are a great way to access deep meditative states with ease and if you're a practicing meditator, sound  baths  are a wonderful way to broaden your meditative experience.  Sound Baths are the perfect antidote for stress and the effects of modern living as they help to release tension and restore a sense of balance and harmony.

Experience deep relaxation
Calm your body's stress cycle
Feel greater self attunement
Balance and harmonize your body, mind + spirit
Rest and restore your nervous system
Connect with a deep sense of inner peace and well-being
Boost your natural opiates
Experience a blissful trancelike state equivalent to a good night’s sleep
Enjoy an internal journey that is visionary and expansive
Feel greater self-attunement and more “tuned in” to life

What to bring - your own yoga mat or blanket to lie down on.  Additional items that can support your comfort are an extra blanket, pillow, eye covering and water bottle.  No prior yoga or meditation experience is necessary. DOORS OPEN AT 7:30 PM - PLEASE ARRIVE BETWEEN 7:30 AND 7:45 PM so that you can get settled before the Sound Bath begins at 8:00 pm. Please be advised ....doors will close at 8:15 pm with no more admittance in order to preserve the meditation space for participants.


  1. The Assembly 449 14th Street, San Francisco, CA