Snuise + Brogan Bentley - Envelop Showcase

Event has passed (Thu Jun 14, 2018 - Thu Jun 14, 2018)
The Midway
09:00 PM
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SNUISE is the alias of San Francisco producer and artist Clifford Hudson. Hudson began collecting records and playing acoustic instruments as a teenager, steadily developing a taste for nearly all forms of sonic expression. Defying genre, Hudson's SNUISE productions can be found at the intersection of many musical influences and ideas. Experimental signal-processing techniques can be found next Hip-Hop and Soul elements, obscure vinyl samples, and the contemplative leanings of ambient music, all being folded together by Hudsons unique sense of tone and color. His multi-cultural Caribbean and American upbringing, on both east and west coasts, has given him an eclectic sense of harmony, rhythm and space. His 2018 LP, 'Reminiscence', is a journey through uncharted territory, a body of work inspired by nostalgia, impermanence, and the honoring of ancestors.

Brogan Bentley

Brogan Bentley is a San Francisco based producer whose hybrid sound merges a myriad of musical influences into a style uniquely his own.

Born in Los Angeles to a family of artists and musicians, Brogan began playing instruments at an early age before exploring experimental recording techniques as a teenager. He soon took on electronic music production, incorporating both synthesized and organic elements into his original compositions.

Upon moving to San Francisco in 2007, he has been steadily contributing to the underground electronic music scene with releases on MatthewDavid’s Leaving Records.

Bentley’s 2015 LP, 'The Snake', possesses nods to contemporary sounds of footwork, ambient, jungle, hip-hop and R&B, as well as homages to timeless music of bygone eras such as jazz and traditional folk musics.

By incorporating his own voice into his productions there is an inherent human vulnerability to his music, while simultaneously invoking the divine within. Subsonic frequencies juxtaposed next to choral walls of sound produce an effect that is subtlety commanding, guiding listeners into immersive realms of deep listening introspection.


  1. The Midway 900 Marin Street, San Francisco, CA