Smudge Fan Making Workshop for Women: A Letting Go Ceremony

Event has passed (Sat Feb 3, 2018 - Sat Feb 3, 2018)
DeHart Studios
10:30 AM
Sports / Fitness
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Join us for a day long workshop to create your personal smudge kit for 2018. Smudging is a ceremony in which the smoke of sacred plants, such as sage, is used to clear and bless a person or a space.

Learn the practice of smudging to help you clear negative energy, let go, and call in blessings and transformation.

Smudging is a powerful ritual for times of struggle such as ending a relationship, starting over, or working with difficult feelings.

If there is something or someone you are ready to energetically let go of this year please join us!

Come share with a community of women and create the opportunity for new friendships as you craft.

You will take home a sacred tool kit and a powerful practice to help you feel more resilient in the face of life’s challenges and a deeper connection to your authentic, fierce loving self.

No art experience is necessary, you can do this! You’ll be guided step by step and encouraged to trust your intuition.
All supplies and materials are included. Participants will make their own 12-16” feather fan for the smudging ceremony and take home a personal smudge kit, including an abalone shell and white sage smudge bundle.
Tickets are limited. We have space for 10.


  1. DeHart Studios 1395 31st Avenue, San Francisco, CA