Shamans of the Reindeer Herders and Siqingua Daur Shaman

Event has passed (Mon Jan 27, 2014 - Mon Jan 27, 2014)
Sacred Stream Center
7:00 P.M.
$15 - $20
Health & Wellness, Film / Television


A Special Screening of two fascinating documentaries followed by a Q & A on Mongolian Shamanism with the filmmakers, John Lawrence PhD, and Susan Grimaldi.

Shamans of the Reindeer Herders (40 minutes)

A captivating story of a quest to find shamans among a small band of nomadic, reindeer herders, known as the Dukha, who live in one of the most remote and hard to reach areas of Mongolia. The Dukha are among the last nomadic, animal-dependent, self-subsistent cultures remaining in the world.

Siqingua Daur Shaman (30 minutes)

In Inner Mongolia, China, a Daur Shaman of the highest status sees clients in her clinic and demonstrates her ancient, traditional healing approaches, with rare translations from the arcane Daur language into English.

Susan Ross Grimaldi, M.Ed., FN ’11, is a Field Associate for the Foundation for Shamanic Studies, specializing in Audio/Visual Documentation. She began recording shamanistic rituals in 1989 on the island of Grenada. She produced the documentaries, “Drums of the Ancestors, Manchu and Mongol Shamanism”, and “Tuvan Shamanic Rituals”. She produced and edited two new documentaries, “Siqingua, Daur Shaman of Inner Mongolia, China”, and, “Tsaatan Shaman Ceremonies of the Reindeer Herders”. She has published numerous articles on her field research, and produced a CD, “Tuvan Shamanic Healing”. She has served as a consultant helping the Chinese government re-integrate shamanism back into contemporary Chinese society. She lives in Vermont where she has a private practice.

John R. Lawrence, Jr., PhD, FN ’10, is a cultural anthropologist, photographer, and videographer, specializing in research on traditional shamans. John is a Staff Associate for Audio-Visual Documentation for the Foundation for Shamanic Studies. In the Republic of Tuva, John filmed shamans and conducted research. He published articles on Estonia, China, and Chile. For years John lived onboard boats, and he captained several small sailing vessels crossing both the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, also sailing around Cape Horn in a 35’ sailboat. He has been a commercial, hard-hat diver, a certified PADI dive instructor, and an accomplished mountain climber. He is a counselor and a licensed massage practitioner, living and practicing in Seattle, WA.


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