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Life is stressful, we work so hard, many of us toil away at jobs that would replace us the next day if we were to keel over.  Don't worry, there is an alternative to keeling over.  We in general need more human contact and sometimes it can be hard to come by, it's late at night your home alone, all you do is work, you've submitted to the myth that it's better to be busy.  I'd like to introduce you to a better way.  Slow it down, learn how to breath, get the tension out of your neck and shoulders and spend a little time learning the lost art of relaxing.  Be yourself, be awesome, re-aquaint yourself with ease.  Let's see how fast we can get into vacation mode, leave your troubles behind and just have a little bit of fun
I'm a somatic stress reduction specialist, call me at 415-935-4239 or email me at sfsensualmassage.com  I look forward to hearing from you..