Mon March 2 - Mon March 30, 2020

SF Roommate/Flatmate Search: In-Person Housing Meetup

Facebook RSVP is *REQUIRED* to attend:

Meetup info:

Those who attend the in-person housing meetup can request AT THE MEETUP to be added to our private facebook group so that you can connect with people who attended prior weeks and are still looking for rooms/roommates. Only people who attend in person will be added to the group: NOTE: We can not vouch for ANY of the people in the facebook group, however - anyone who has been added to the group has shown up *IN-PERSON* to one of the housing meetups. (The only thing we can possibly assume about these people is that they are *most likely* not a robot in a foreign country that is posting a random housing/roommate ad).

Our friends at the Green Tortoise hostel have let us use their common space for this event. Be sure to bring a VALID ID (ie: NOT expired) or you will not be allowed to enter the building. You MUST also check in at 8:30PM SHARP *out front* of the building in order to attend - latecomers will be turned away. Also note: NO SOLICITORS! Keep your crappy over-priced, spammy, roommate apps to yourself. **And please do NOT call the hostel about this event. We are using their space for the event and all the info is posted below - they do NOT have any info.**

Finding a roommate in SF is a royal pain in the ass. This event is a connection/networking event for people in SF looking for a roommate. Are you looking for someone to search for housing with who could potentially be a good roommate? Do you have an open room but are sick of trying to sort through missed facebook messages and comments all over the place - half of which are from randoms from another country who are trying to scam you?

There are so many housing scams on craigslist and facebook (yes, facebook!). Technology helps us all in many ways - however - it's also made it easier for scammers to take advantage of us and the housing crisis in SF. Plus room-hunters are too disorganized to search for a shared room with another person on their own so it's made it easier for "co-living spaces" to exist and be able to charge people upwards of $1000-$1600 for a *shared room*. Sometimes it might be worth trying out going back to the basics - what did people do before all the crappy modern day scammy roommate apps? They had to post listings for open rooms in laundromats. They had to talk to others until they met someone who had a friend-of-a-friend that had a room open. They had to connect with each other *in person* in order to organize roommate options. So maybe it's worth a shot trying these old-school methods out again in 2020.

Some come join us this Monday - maybe you'll find a new roommate. Or worse case, maybe you'll make a new friend.
Facebook RSVP is *REQUIRED* to attend: Meetup info: Those who attend the in-person housing meetup can request AT THE MEETUP to be added to our private facebook group so that you can conn...
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