Secrets of a Conscious Relationship - Urban Awakening

Event has passed (Tue Jun 12, 2018 - Tue Jun 12, 2018)
The Center SF
07:45 PM
Sports / Fitness
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We are craving the ability to create a partnership that is built on what truly inspires and moves us at the deepest of levels, heart, mind, body and soul.  

A conscious relationship is where partners are pursuing their highest life purpose together while taking 100% responsibility for their inner world and personal and spiritual growth.

To build this type of inspiring conscious relationship means that we have been able to master a number of things.  High on those lists are emotional and conflict management, for if we are not able to feel what is true for us, express honestly and move through emotional blocks swiftly, the relationship will be stagnant instead of inspiring. We will be blaming each other instead of looking inside.  

One of the main secrets of a conscious couple is how they are able to navigate huge emotional arguments and triggers.  

“It is never about the dishes.  An argument shows us where our past triggers and wounds are that still have not healed.”
~Gigi Azmy

Join Gigi Azmy, Jeremy Richardson and Craig Wenaweser as they reveal the secrets they have used to create more connection and intimacy even when a full blown argument ensues.  

1) Learn how to recognize a trigger vs. an arguement
2) Learn how to argue in a way that creates more connection
3) Learn how to get the other person to soften and relax and want to listen to you
4) Learn to listen in a way that creates deeper intimacy and connection
5) Learn how to listen to what is really true for you in an arguement

7:45 PM - Door Open
8:00 PM - Doors CLOSE for Workshop
8:00 PM - 9 PM - Talk with Q&A
9:00 PM - 9:10 - Break 
9:10 PM - 9:30PM - Interactive Excersise: Conscious Listening and Speaking for Heightened Intimacy 
9:30 - 10pm - Open Q&A

“You can have courage or comfort, but you can’t have both.” 
~ Brene Brown


  1. The Center SF 548 Fillmore Street, San Francisco, CA