SciComm Studio 004: Changing Climates, Changing Minds

Event has passed (Thu Jul 20, 2017 - Thu Jul 20, 2017)
06:30 PM
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As ice caps melt and sea levels rise, communicating climate science is more critical than ever. Yet, researchers face unique challenges in connecting with a divided public. How can climate experts and science communicators inspire public action for a changing planet?
Our fourth SciComm Studio meetup explores the complexities and urgency of communicating climate change. Through art installations, demonstrations, and talks from speakers across disciplines, we’ll present diverse ideas on informing public opinion to preserve our planet for future generations.
On display will be Connect Our Efforts, a interactive art piece produced by artist Purin Phanichphant.
6:30pm - doors open 7:00 - talks & demonstrations 8:00 - networking & exhibition 9:00 - doors close
Juanita Schläpfer-Miller
Juanita Schläpfer-Miller is a science communicator and artist. Juanita studied transdisciplinary knowledge production in art and science, and has been actively involved as a science communicator at the Zurich-Basel Plant Science Center for the past five years. With many years’ experience in museum design and public engagement with science, her work has ranged from particle physics to climate change. She has a passion for tinkering and organizes workshops for children and youth in which they can experience and research experimentally into both plant life and technology. A global nomad, she has lived, worked, and gardened in Switzerland for twenty years.
Tito Jankowski
Tito Jankowski is an entrepreneur, and has been other things: a biohacker, a hardware manufacturer, a medical device designer, a patent infringer, and a sailor. Prior to launching Impossible Labs, he co-founded the BioCurious hackerspace and wrangled startup+corporate partnerships at Runway Incubator. Tito holds a Sc.B in Biomedical Engineering from Brown University.
Matthew Eshed
Matthew Eshed leads Product and Operations of Impossible Labs. His mission is to support technology that enables a stronger bond between humans and nature. He has designed, piloted, and launched manufacturing systems for high-tech (consumer 3d printers, internet of things), medium-tech (roof shingles), and low-tech (artisan cookies) products, and is a strong advocate for Cradle to Cradle principles of product development.
Rahel Meier
Rahel Meier is a Research Assistant in the Sustainability Communications group at the Zurich University of Applied Sciences, with a background in geography, sustainability, and climate change communication. She is currently fellow for the Pier 17 Science Studio, a science communication fellowship hosted at swissnex San Francisco.
Purin Phanichphant
Purin Phanichphant is a San Francisco, California-based artist & designer whose work is shown in his studio, as well as galleries and venues around the United States, Iceland, & Japan. Purin holds a BFA in Industrial Design and Human-Computer Interaction from Carnegie Mellon University, and an MFA in Product Design from Stanford University. Prior to becoming an artist, he worked as a principal product designer at IDEO San Francisco and taught design courses at Stanford University and General Assembly. As an artist, he uses objects to create compelling pieces that share stories and inspire action. Creating since 2010, Purin has gained an international following and today exhibits around the world.  


  1. swissnex Pier 17, Suite 800, San Francisco, CA