Savoy Tivoli

1434 Grant Ave, San Francisco, CA
(415) 362-7023
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There have been some changes since the Savoy-Tivoli first opened its doors in 1906 as a mom-and-pop restaurant. First, it turned into a restaurant/bar, and then into a cafe/bar, and at last into its present incarnation as a bar/bar. And, like a lot of North Beach bars, it still has a bit of old time feel to it. The bar itself is old-fashioned dark wood with beautifully stacked bottles of booze behind it, and the light fixtures are antique--or at least have the look of antiques. There are church-like vaulted archways leading from the front room into the back, and painted clouds on parts of the wall. The place attracts a lot of college kids but also a fair number of European travelers, which can make for some interesting over-the-beer conversation. There's no happy hour, but it's bar policy that schnapps always goes for $1.50.

Savoy Tivoli is North Beach's best bar / cafe. Roomy, fun, and with lots of atmosphere and lots of cute girls. This is where the locals go...