Sante Grill

143 W Santa Clara St, San Jose, CA
(408) 297-2683
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Sante Grill aims to “revolutionize” fast food with its lighter, nonfried, less calorically dense menu. The restaurant isn’t out to save the world through its food, but it’s just trying to make fast food doesn’t taste like fast food. And on that score that restaurant does pretty well.
The t-bacon cheeseburger ($5.49) is lightened up with turkey bacon, “lite” American cheese and grass-fed beef. It’s a decent burger that doesn’t leave such a large carbon footprint. The patty—80 percent beef/20 percent fat—is rather thin and a bit dry, but taken as a whole with the pickles, lettuce and other condiments and whole-wheat bun, it’s a step above a Whopper.