San Francisco Ghost Hunt Walking Tour

Event has passed (Fri Nov 24, 2017 - Fri Nov 24, 2017)
SF Ghost Hunt Meeting Spot
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The first and original ghost tour of San Francisco. Walk to some of San Francisco's most notorious haunted places. Hear thrilling stories based on documented research. Discover weird and wonderful San Francisco history. Feel tingles go up your spine.
*And maybe even SEE a ghost yourself....

(*This may include your host dressed up in a promises...)


What is this?
The original San Francisco Ghost Hunt Walking Tour, SF's first ghost tour, is a historical walking tour of the Pacific Heights neighborhood, one of the few neighborhoods to survive The Great Earthquake and Fire of 1906.

You'll walk a mile on tree-lined streets in a safe residential area with fine Victorian architecture. You'll learn about real historic names of San Francisco — how they lived, how they died, and the reports of their hauntings ever since. We don't make it up. We just report it. You'll enjoy 90 minutes to 2 hours of guaranteed unearthly fun!

Will I see a ghost?
Strange things have happened on the San Francisco Ghost Hunt Walking Tour: orbs have appeared in photographs, coldspots have been felt indoors, acorns have been known to pelt people on the back (but only the really mean people). Keep an eye out, your senses open, and your camera ready (an EMF app couldn't hurt either) and you might have your own strange experience, too. Overall, the spirits we visit are safe and they won't follow you home. Otherwise, that would have a bad effect on our sales.


What should I wear?
San Francisco is a beautiful city with mild temperatures year round, but our weather is much more like the wet Pacific Northwest than sunny Southern California. When you leave for your day of SF adventuring, wear layers you can take off and put on, not shorts. The weather will feel lovely and warm from Noon to 4pm. Then the fog rolls in and even the hardiest of snowbirds can't handle the chilly, damp, bay air that bites to the bone.


  1. SF Ghost Hunt Meeting Spot 1801 Bush Street, San Francisco, CA