Saigon Sushi

304 E Santa Clara St, San Jose, CA
(408) 286-4900
Sun - Wed (11am - 10pm)
Thu - Sat (11am - 3am)
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About request an edit to this page editorial review: Located one block east of San Jose's new landmark city hall on Santa Clara Street, Saigon Sushi is a distincly San Jose pan-Asian fusion. Authentic Japanese and Vietnamese dishes, with a smattering of Chinese, anchor the menu of marinated and grilled meats, and steamed and sauteed seafood: sea bass, lobster, calamari, crab and shrimp. Saigon Sushi's decor is contemporary and welcoming: black stone counters at the sushi bar, smiling Buddhas resting against a red accent wall, a painting of two women in ao dai silk dresses and conical non quai thao hats chatting beneath blooming orange jacaranda trees. Signature sushi dishes include the Nightllfe Roll — spicy sake, unagi, ebi, tempura cucumbers and scallions — and the Orgasm Roll — spicy tuna, cucumbers, wakame scallions and tobiko. Another favorite is the Saigon Sushi fried rice, with shrimp, sausages and two fried eggs on top. In a city with a dearth of late night eating establishments, Saigon Sushi has thankfully weighed in with a 3am closing on weekend nights, which makes for a lively scene after the downtown clubs close. Beverages include Japanese beer, sake, California wine, sweet plum wine and a teas. Saigon Sushi reviewed by dp, 070508