S.F. Frozen Film Festival

588 Sutter Street, #103, San Francisco, CA
+1 415.846.1375
S.F. Frozen Film Festival Website
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Celebrating the diversity of San Francisco by bringing film and music that embodies the Bay Areas unique mixture of cultures, the S.F.F.F.F. works to create a sustainable and supportive network of independent artists in the Bay Area.  In an area of virtual media, the S.F.F.F.F. will give artists a place to exhibit their work, build skills, and highlight their talents. Our programs are thoughtfully selected educational and cultural events that will strengthen the artistic bonds of audience and artisan through international and local recruitment, with a special  eye to developing the film and music community of the Bay Area.  S.F.F.F.F. hosts an annual film and music festival, as well as screenings, local music and dance events, and international web based features including screenings on "Second Life", and through active community participation and programs.  We will host artist lectures, educational workshops, and learn-ins. Our belief is that a blended mixture of both live events and internet-centered events will help artists in the Bay Area transition into the future of narrative media and musical calibration.  As we coalesce into a more richly textured and technological savvy society, it is incumbent on supportive local communities to enable artists to gain the confidence and skills they need to continue the important role they play in society.