Sun October 5, 2014

Room for Big Ideas: BAN 7 Clinic

Room for Big Ideas: BAN7 Clinic is an interactive series of programs that transforms the Front Door Gallery space into a hub for creative and social engagement. As an open site for shared ideas and interactive workshops, BAN7 Clinic address issues affecting Bay Area residents, transforming the space into an informal workshop, classroom, a place for exchange of ideas and services, and a public forum that invites audiences to work collaboratively with a talented array of Bay Area artists. Artists and visitors will use the space to explore conceptual and concrete benefits to the community by investigating subjects including: cultural displacement, transformation, disruption as a form of connectivity, and creating resources for the arts. We hope the dynamic series will inspire a spirit of convergence and curiosity by providing resources to a range of audiences. The artists curating the three-week-long clinics are Brett Cook, Bean Gilsdorf, Raphael Noz, and Jessica Tully.

These Rights Are Self Evident
Fri, Jul 18 - Sun, Aug 3
Curated by Jessica Tully

For the first three weeks of the BAN7 Clinic series, artists, culture makers, and other service industry workers living in the Bay Area and visitors are invited to explore their inalienable rights during the revolutionary month of July and early August. Using the Declaration of Independence as a primary text, social practice artist Jessica Tully will curate a series of workshops and participatory exercises that provide attendees with humorous and practical tactics to exercise their right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness as expressed in the form of a living wage, affordable health care, and secure housing. Collaborators include Nato Green, Josiah Raison Cain, and others.

Object of Transformation
Wed, Aug 6 - Sun, Aug 24
Curated by Raphael Noz

The drive to transform and restore relationships--to others and ultimately to the self--is the key to survival for the artists participating in Object of Transformation and it is what connects their individual practices. Each artist will work with visitors to help create their personal stories of miraculous intervention while processing and responding to the traumas of loss and broken connections. These stories will then be collected and displayed during throughout the BAN7 Clinic. On a given day, museum visitors will be turned into participants in the art exhibitions at large by giving each of them a personal wall text. Existing found objects--commodities or devices--will be changed by the visitors who will learn basic fabrication techniques for the modification of these objects, whether they be broken toys, furniture, etc., and transformed into something greater than that suggested by their initial forms. These will become one-of-a-kind art objects that tell a story about each visitor. By taking existing objects and re-appropriating them from a personal perspective, participants will gain insight into the relationship between objects and cultural context. The resulting works will present an optimistic re-envisioning of what objects may look like in the service of each visitor's culture and community.

Wed, Aug 27 - Sun, Sep 14
Curated by Bean Gilsdorf

To disrupt is to "break apart, throw into disorder, or interrupt the normal course or unity of" something. Lately, it's used as a term to describe the action of new technologies that interrupt the conventional flow of goods and information to provide new ways of doing business; disruption is hailed as a contemporary boon to capitalism. Disruption is a series of interactive performances, exercises, consultations, and group experiences that explore the theme of disruption and its current connection to the tech industry. Collaborators include Whitney Lynn, Lauren Marie Taylor, Double Zero (Hannah Ireland and Annie Vought), and others.

Socially Engaged Education: Making Learning Visible
Wed, Sep 17 - Sun, Oct 5
Curated by Brett Cook

In a series of participatory workshops Brett Cook invites Evan Bissell, Todd Elkin, Chinaka Hodge, and Mariah Rankin-Landers to share experiences that nurture new thinking about the arts in education and community. As seasoned artists/educators/­performers who defy classification in any singular discipline, these bay area paragons of learning will work with the public to collaboratively examine established norms and investigate new pathways for transformation. The resulting participant work from the workshops, including objects, process walls, lesson plans, and documentation will fill the Room for Big Ideas space over time as a resource to transform systems of inequity and as an installation to promote social justice and invention.
Room for Big Ideas: BAN7 Clinic is an interactive series of programs that transforms the Front Door Gallery space into a hub for creative and social engagement. As an open site for shared ideas and interactive workshops, BAN7 Clinic address issues affecting Bay Area residents, tr...
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