Rewind This

Event has passed (Tue Sep 3, 2013 - Tue Sep 3, 2013)
Roxie Theater
7:15pm, 9:15pm
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“A passionate geek doc that not only follows the life and death of the videocassette, but also the amazingly complex backstory of how it became a format for the ages — transforming from afterthought into obsession. Interspersed with endearing insight into the lives of countless modern-day VHS collectors and enthusiasts, this stand-up-and-cheer industrial underdog story sheds light on why geeks and everymen alike can’t stop thinking about those temperamental plastic black cases that gave us so many hours of home entertainment. From Japanese tape innovators and the VHS/Beta war, to American schlockmeisters and the legions of fans who still love them, this is the tale of those daring souls who took cinema out of the theatre and brought it permanently into our homes. Featuring intimate, enlightening, and often hilarious interviews with Frank Henenlotter, Jason Eisener, Atom Egoyan, Charles Band, Cassandra Peterson, Mamoru Oshii, Mike Vraney, Lloyd Kaufman, Roy Frumkes and many more!” — Ted Geoghegan, Fantastia Fest.

Dir: Josh Johnson. 2013. Digital. 94 mins.


  1. Roxie Theater
    3117 16th St, San Francisco, CA