Tue April 16, 2019

Resonate Sound Heals, Vocal Alchemy SoundBath, Nicola Buffa and Mera Mu

Resonate Sound Heals presents our Special Edition: Vocal Alchemy SoundBath.  This gathering will begin by Activating the human voice as a channel through a group toning meditation. With the essence of these activated intentions in our hearts and minds we will be supported to reach our Fullest Meditative Potential through the Vibrational Language and a SoundBath. Become immersed in your sound current.

This offering is being presented for your healing enjoyment by the united vibrational forces of Nicola Buffa & Mera Mu, who will transport you to your deepest state of transformation using ceremonial sound.  Together they weave a sound transmission of Alchemy Singing Bowls, Deep Gong, Chimes, Heavenly harmonies of the 432hz frequency, and Vocal Channeling.  #5D #love  

Our purpose is to Create Time, and Hold Space where people can gather to share in a meditative journey, thereby celebrating the essence of being alive in a body and living a multifaceted Human Experience.  We promote the use of meditation in individuals, creating harmony within our creative communities.

“We invite you to lay down and embark on a meditative journey; A ceremonial observation of who we are in this moment. When we surrender to relaxation, we create a time and space to allow the body and mind to heal itself.  Our intention is to allow you to feel shifted in your emotions, connected to your inner wisdom, and realigned with your higher self. Come as you are, leave as you would like to be.”

****Doors at 7pm, Sound begins at 7:30, No Late Entry.    

****Don't forget to bring yoga mats to rest upon, blankets, pillows, eye masks or anything you wish to have in the space for extra comfort. We will lay in savanna for 60 minutes.
****The space can be chilly, Please be prepared with a Blanket if the weather suggests. We invite you to relax and find peace and serenity.

Special Edition Resonate, Sound Heals is our supplemental offering to our Monthly Event (held on Final Thursdays), and serves as a platform to explore nuanced intersections of Sound and Self-Care.  

#sound #light #color #crystals #frequencies #essentialoil #flowers #water #auras #intention

About Mera Mu

Mera Mu began her journey with sound as a trained singer and actress. Focused on performative aspirations, she found herself using the voice as a means to enter the space of the muse. Her interest in a sovereign, self-led relationship to spirit combined with a lifelong yoga/meditation practice eventually led to a deepening exploration of her voice, vibration and sound, finding these to be a universal language that opens us to a field beyond words. 

As a certified sound healer and yoga instructor, Mera focuses on embodied expression ~ using the voice as a primary tool to channel the individual and collective songs/sounds wishing to be communicated. Mera feels most at home acting as a bridge for sound transmissions in ceremonial containers and empowering others to find their authentic voice and vibration so it can be cultivated as a tool for personal healing, growth, expression, and meditation. As a messenger for the path of the sound current, Mera communicates that every voice is like a snowflake comprised of frequencies, resonance, and harmonics unique to the individual and integral to their personal journey hOMe.

Information on upcoming sound journeys, vocal workshops, one-on-one vibrational healing sessions, recordings, and transform-ances can be found on her website | instagram: @iamladymu

About Nicola Buffa
Nicola Buffa is a Sound Practitioner + Vibrational Healer + Artist working to bring Upliftment to those suffering from alienation, chronic discomfort, and stress related anxiety, and to assist the natural creative spirit of our collective consciousness through the powerful transmutation of Sound.  She believes that with the gentle adjustments and transmutations from sound therapy, we can Return Ourselves to our True State of Being; Creative and Joyful.

“Using Egyptian alchemy meditations, and loving frequencies, My ((SOUND TRANSMISSIONS)) are meant to create you as a crystalline superstructure, by bringing better circulation, promoting cellular detox for optimum electric current within the body’s system, and in turn providing you with your own potential energy, boost mental clarity and lightness of being, and harmonize your emotional + physical self.” Nicola Buffa

Private Sessions are Available at 
Offering RELEIF! And a relaxing path to clarity and lightness of being through Sound Healing. Sound treatments incorporate BioField Tuning, Color Therapy, Healing Voice, and Guided Meditation with Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls, Gong, and Tuning Forks.
Follow on Instagram @sourcefieldsound 
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Resonate Sound Heals presents our Special Edition: Vocal Alchemy SoundBath.  This gathering will begin by Activating the human voice as a channel through a group toning meditation. With the essence of these activated intentions in our hearts and minds we will be supported to reac...
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