Relationship by Design

Event has passed (Wed Nov 8, 2017 - Fri Nov 10, 2017)
San Francisco
7pm - 9:30pm
Religion / Spiritual
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Wednesday November 8th in Berkeley at HeartSource, 1600 Shattuck Avenue
Friday November 10th in San Francisco (Location TBD)

Both evenings, 7pm-9:30pm

This interactive and educational evening mixer is for:

Anyone wanting to bring more intention and sophistication into your partnership, commnunity, and working relationships of all kinds

Couples who know that the sustainability and enjoyment of an intimate partnership depends on the intentionality, and regular practice of effective communication that integrates tensions into healthy developing agreements
Business partners or teams that want to enhance their working lifestyle and productivity with cutting-edge relationship models and communication techniques

Like everything else in our lives--culture, business, and politics; relationships are evolving. This unfolding provides inspiring opportunities that can develop elegantly alongside our personal evolution. But, there are predictable challenges and growing pains that need to be considered. There are downsides to naively ignoring what’s happening in culture, or rebelliously casting aside traditional models and assuming we’re beyond all of that. The higher we climb, the more the ladder sways.

Fortunately, there are many people who have pioneered these paths ahead of us, and have left sage wisdom that can easily be integrated into our lives without us needing to make the same predictable mistakes.
This evening event is designed to give you the key concepts and practices that have been fire-tested by many people before us, continuously updated in our communities, and refined to support you on your developing journey.

What you’ll get/learn:

Our three stage relationship model that helps make sense of our modern relationship challenges, and informs us with how to manage accordingly.

Experiential practices that demonstrate the radical aliveness that’s accessible in any connection at any time, and how to skillfully enact them for the right reasons.

The relationship by design process from our ARC training that enables your relationships and agreements to collaboratively develop based on the real-world emergent tensions and desires.

An evolutionary perspective of relationships, a model for what’s happening in culture now, and strategies for how to optimally hold your relationships within it.

An evening practicing and exploring with a group of people who likely share your values and a world-view that desires a more healthy, whole world -- filled with goodness, truth, and beauty.

These evenings are facilitated by, Robert MacNaughton, CEO and Co-Founder of the Integral Center in Boulder Colorado, an internationally recognized relationship training company and leadership community founded on Integral principles.

Robert has been on the front-lines of evolutionary Integral communities for over a decade, working with Ken Wilber’s Integral Institute, the global media company Integral Life, and then developing the Integral Center as an organization focused on fostering Integral consciousness through relationship development.

Robert has been facilitating group process experiences for over 25 years, and is currently the Primary Course Leader for the Integral Center’s flagship training, Aletheia. 

Through Robert’s experience holding leadership roles in progressive communities, he’s become intimate with the dignities and disasters of our evolution through the postmodern stages and beyond. 

Robert is committed to helping people with the paradox of flourishing in our expanding evolution, while honoring the best of what the traditions have handed down to us.

These events are sponsored by:
The Integral Center, Boulder Colorado
Authentic SF
Authentic World Online


  1. San Francisco

    San Francisco, San Francisco, CA
  2. Heart Source Center 1600 Shattuck Avenue, #125 , Berkeley, CA