Reiki First Degree Course

Event has passed (Sat Apr 20, 2013 - Sun Oct 20, 2013)
10am to 6pm
Health & Wellness


All students who complete the course will be fully certified by Brian Brunius of the NYC Reiki Center, a Reiki Alliance Master-Instructor, and Christopher Tellez of the SF Reiki Center.

Reiki is a simple method of hands-on healing developed in the 1920s by Dr. Mikao Usui in Japan. When activated, energy flows through the hands of the practitioner into the cells of the patient where the energy is used to normalize body/mind functions. Reiki differs from other healing methods in that a special attunement formula is used by the Reiki instructor to prepare the workshop partici- pant for the flow of healing energy, and to protect the participant against taking on the conditions of the person being treated. By the end of the Reiki 1st Degree Workshop you will be able to:

• Scan the body and energy field of the person receiving treatment
• Perceive areas of reduced vitality and blocked energy flow
• Channel Reiki energy into yourself or transmit it to others (even pets and plants)
• Sense the energy as it flows through your hands and enters your patient
• Understand the body-mind connection that leads to patterns of dis-ease


  1. SF REIKI CENTER 3150 18th Street, Suite 243, San Francisco, CA