Red Ink Studios @ SFMart

9th @ Market, San Francisco, CA
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Arts, Gallery
Wed (12-4)
Thu (2-8)
Fri - Sat (12-4)
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Red Ink Studios is an idea hatched in the dot-com ruins of Palo Alto, the infamous and storied city in which the Internet revolution was both largely born and somewhat succumbed. A concept as simple as squatting, a trio of artists located an empty building, gathered other artists to join them, and occupied it to make and show art until they were told to leave. Lest one think that they took over the building without permission, the truth is that two of the aforementioned artists were also owners of an ad firm that had leased the space in question, and they were paying $15,000 per month in rent for it. Be that as it may, a dozen or so artists set up studio space for a few stolen months, held surly exhibitions, garnered significant attention, and made some rousing local history.