Receiving Being: a 5Rhythms Waves Workshop with Tammy Burstein

Event has passed (Fri May 11, 2018 - Fri May 11, 2018)
Zaccho Studio
07:00 PM
Sports / Fitness
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First time in San Francisco with Tammy Burstein (from NYC)
“In flowing we learn how to be sensitive to the flow of our unique energy, to follow it and be true to it, and to ground that energy in our bodies and in the body of the Great Mother, earth herself.” -- Gabrielle Roth, Sweat Your Prayers
In this workshop we begin by simply receiving the medicine of continuous motion, starting with our feet, and revolving into the fullness of our being. Receiving the medicine of Flowing we let in the gift of being a centripetal force, a body moving in a circular path, directed toward the center around which that body is moving. And in that endless circle we uncover, discover, and recover our genderless, soul-full- more feminine nature – receiving being a receiving being.
Join us as we step into the beginning, practicing Flowing from start to starting over, from beginning to beginning anew, from ground up to sacred ground.
“Flowing is more than a rhythm; it’s a specific energy field in which the feminine aspect of the soul is revealed in all its awesome beauty, fierce power, and animal magnetism.” – Gabrielle Roth, Sweat Your Prayers
Tammy Burstein started practicing the 5Rhythms® in the 20th century, emerged as a 5Rhythms® teaching at the dawn of the 21st, and has been living them since before she knew they existed. She is an urban life form who makes New York City her home base and soul inspiration. An itinerant wonderer she is a Moving Center NY and 5Rhythms Teacher Training teaching staff member, teaching the Waves (2001), Heartbeat (2010) and Cycles (2015) maps locally and globally. She has made her living as a dancer, a lighting designer, a travel agent, and a librarian. She creates her life dancing the 5Rhythms®.
“Tammy is an exceptional woman, teacher and DJ both on and off the floor. I encourage you all to experience the grounded, soft, wild dancing space that she has created.”– Jonathan Horan, Director of The Moving Center School New York.
No Prerequisites. This workshop fulfills 15 Waves hours of 5Rhythms Teacher Training prerequisites.
Please register early. Space is limited.
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  1. Zaccho Studio 1777 Yosemite Avenue, San Francisco, CA