Rebecca Salzer Dance Theater

1403 Parker St., Berkeley, CA
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RSDT was founded in February, 1996. The company includes Katherine Davis, M. Koob, Juan Carlos Muñoz, Joseph Pikalek, Cynthia Rodriguez, Deanna Ross, Ami Student, Aimée Thomas-Goodrich, Frances Ward White, and Janet Weeks.(See Biographies.) Dubbed "the queen of comic dance-theater" by the San Francisco Bay Guardian, Ms. Salzer has created a unique style for the company that often blurs the line between dance and theater. An example of this original mix of genres is her 1996 piece, "Duet," which begins as a serious exploration of a love relationship between a male and female dancer, but gets interrupted by the female dancer’s mother. The mother character in "Duet" progresses from being an inconspicuous member of the audience to being an active element in the dance, dancing with the couple and firing off questions such as "Have you known each other long?" and "Is this a relationship?"