Reading Through the Layers

Event has passed (Sun Nov 19, 2017 - Sun Nov 19, 2017)
Artists' for Television Access (ATA)
Film / Television


The program is 67 minutes and will be followed by a discussion with the artists. Program includes:

Ground, Path, Fruition (2017, 18 minutes, Robert Fox)
A compilation of digital video abstractions collected from a number of “notebooks” developed over the past couple of years. It is an artistic practice that helps fine tune the digital material, while adhering to a defined set of parameters. The goal of adhering to this discipline is to develop works that will offer glimpses into what lies ahead while also standing on their own as finished works of art.

Recording Device (2017, 24 minutes, David Finkelstein)
A poetic exploration of the ways we store our memories. A collage of words, images and music, showing how we scratch and etch our impressions onto paper, film, vinyl and other media, shaping our view of the world. A journey through an interior landscape filled with snakes, saxophones, pyramids, the film’s two narrators explore the effects of stored memories, both corrosive and illuminating.

Miraculous Aqueduct (2017, 16 minutes, David Finkelstein, world premiere)
A poetic exploration of the sources of creativity. Do we take a scattershot approach to inspiration, throwing ideas out at random, to see which ones take root? Or can we plug directly into a never-ending source of new ideas, an effortless flow? Miraculous Aqueduct is a journey through an interior landscape filled with tarot cards, towers, and centurions; a collage of words, images and music, in which the film’s two narrators discover that acknowledging inner blocks is the key to overcoming them.

Every so often a film would startle us for its originality and personal vision, it would electrify our senses and leave us hungry for more. David Finkelstein’s Epistolary Fusillades was one such film.
-Film Panic Journal

An oneiric, surprising odyssey through seductive, hyperreal and overwhelming spaces that float somewhere between the screen and your body. Piloted by expansive and elastic improvisation, the work unfolds into continually unpredictable and astonishing new territories.
-Jesse Malmed (Nightingale Cinema) on David Finkelstein’s “Suggestive Gestures”

David Finkelstein's video work has been featured in numerous film festivals around the world and has won awards at 16 of them. In 2013, he was an invited artist at the Traverse Vidéo Festival in Toulouse, France. His first feature film premiered at New Filmmakers in New York. He has had solo screenings of his films in Bilbao, London, Porto, New York, Chicago, Portland, Austin, North Carolina, Minnesota, Los Angeles, New Orleans, Philadelphia, and San Francisco. His work has been funded by The Fund for Creative Communities, The Field, Movement Research, Meet the Composer, The Brooklyn Arts Exchange, BACA, and other sources.

Robert Fox is an award winning Bay Area filmmaker, sound composer and visual artist. His work is a reflection that mirrors 40 years of practice as an explorer and experimenter in film, photography, music and multimedia. His work has appeared in various venues, both extant and non-extant, in the Bay area and U.S.A.


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