RAE Studios Belly Dance Workshop

Event has passed (Wed Oct 4, 2017 - Wed Oct 25, 2017)
RAE Model & Talent Agency
8:30 PM
$30 - $95
Dance (performance), Sports / Fitness


In this workshop, we will connect deeper with this expressive and exciting dance form with exploration of belly dance’s origins, muscle isolations, and unique ties to musicality and emotion! We will learn to increase our body awareness through technique, gaining knowledge of what muscle groups are actually being used in belly dance movement, and drilling of those flirty shimmies and fluid motions this dance is known for. You will also learn an original choreography from Stefanie that fuses the enticing traditional style with new contemporary music to get your body active, working, and grooving!

This series is suitable for both those who are completely new to belly dance and seasoned students; everybody is welcome!!

About the instructor: Stefanie Schlief is represented by RAE Agency and studies within the Suhaila Salimpour School of Dance, where she has received multiple certifications in the art of belly dance. She is also a current primary dancer for the Desert Dream Dance Company, directed by Janelle Rodriguez, and the Salimpour Collective, performing professionally across the West Coast as a solo artist. She loves to share her passion for dance with new students!


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