Rachel Levin book release: Look Big

Event has passed (Tue Apr 10, 2018 - Tue Apr 10, 2018)
Green Apple Books on the Park
7:30 pm


Rachel Levin celebrates the release of her new book Look Big: And Other Tips for Surviving Animal Encounters of All Kinds.

About Look Big

A humorous and helpful illustrated field guide to avoiding interactions--both dangerous and annoying--with 50 wild animals, including survival techniques, wildlife etiquette, and other essential advice.

As humans encroach on wild places, encounters with animals--from bears, bison, mountain lions, and mice to turkeys, ticks, rats, and raccoons--have become increasingly commonplace. But, wait, what are the rules for facing a moose up close? Do you run from a coyote or stand your ground? How deadly, really, are black widow spiders, rattlesnakes, and sharks? Packed with expert tips, fascinating animal facts, and harrowing true tales, Look Big is a must-have survival guide for outdoor, urban, and suburban adventurers alike. If you have ever feared the approach of a grizzly, the spray of a skunk, or an army of cockroaches in the kitchen, this book is for you.


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