Priestess Practical Magic Program

Event has passed (Sun Mar 11, 2018 - Sun Mar 11, 2018)
Crystal Way
06:00 PM
Religion / Spiritual


Priestess Practical Magic Program
Mystery School Essentials and Foundations with High Priestess Marcela Veron.
If the word Priestess sparks you up or draws you in, then come join us in the magical journey into Priestessing where you will learn tools of the Sacred Feminine Arts. In this powerful class series, Marcela will introduce you to the Ways of the Priestess. She will share with you intuitive ritual, the Art of Priestessing, Priestess Presence, Rituals, and much more. 

In this class series, you will come into sacred circle with other women will learn:

* Calling forth the Priestess in you
* Priestess tools and practices and cultivating your spiritual gifts

* Powerful embodiment movement ritual and practices to connect to your magic and magnetic presence
* Mystery Schools Basics
*Creating Temple Space
*Much more
If you are a woman seeking to explore her spiritual gifts, intuition, creativity, embodiment or just curious and want to learn more about Priestess tools and practices, this is a great place to begin.

Class Series Syllabus:
March 8 -  Class 1: Intro to Priestessing (click for Eventbrite class) - Mystery School Basics
March 11 - Class 2: Priestess Presence - Harnessing your Magnetic Power and Art of Priestessing
April 8 - Class 3: Priestess Practice - Rituals, Altars and Mystery Schools
April 22 -  Class 4: Priestess Practical Tools - Pendulums and Gathering Your Magic toolbox
May 22 - Class 5: Priestess Principles - Mastering Intuition, Moon cycles and Sacred Art Medicine

This is a beautiful and basic essentials Priestess Program within the Sacred Feminine Medicine, Magic and Mystery School and Preliminary to the Priestess Power Path Program.

Bold beautiful blessings,

Marcela Veron,
High Priestess, Medicine Woman, Temple Alchemist
Click here to learn more about the Priestess Power Path Program.


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