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1240 22nd Street, San Francisco, CA
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Sun - Mon (by appointment)
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ping pong gallery was founded in 2005 and conceived of as an alternative project space wherein an action-oriented activity (ping pong), seemingly unrelated to the arts, would give shape to an exhibition space and set in motion both a literal and figurative back and forth dialogue between artists and individuals.

our objective is to show innovative, multidimensional work by emerging artists of all media and simultaneously provide a forum to help foster ideas and acts of free play. dedicated to upholding a viable conduit for free creativity, free discourse, and free play, ping pong gallery makes its commitment to bringing together artists and friends to experience an actively engaged environment, in a game-like, art-filled space. ping pong gallery presents itself as a sculptural playground, one that will ultimately come to be rooted in the collective instinct, as well as in the works, objects, and performances themselves.