Oneness Awakening & Deepening Course - October

Event has passed (Sat Oct 28, 2017 - Sat Oct 28, 2017)
Magnolia Wellness Center
10:00 AM
Religion / Spiritual
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Transform Your Life and Quiet Your Mind
Join us on an inward journey. It starts where you are and moves toward a state of Oneness: a state where there is no resistance, no conflict, no suffering. Where you begin to experience a state of Joy and Causeless Bliss. 
This course will benefit anyone who is struggling with emotional blocks, those who have disempowering behaviors or habits, or those who simply wish to quiet the mind. It is also for spiritual seekers who have an established practice and would like a direct experience of a deeper state of Oneness. By becoming an Oneness Blessings Giver, you can experience enhanced states and also share this phenomenon with others. Those who already are Blessing Givers can use the course to deepen their awareness.
This is a two-day course:  Saturday and Sunday, from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.  Registrants must attend both days.
During the course you will:
• Dissolve charges that trigger limiting or disempowering behaviors through a unique guided breathing process;
• Heal and improve relationships with your parents, partner, children/inner child;
• Establish a deep connection with your own experience of the Divine;
• Experience higher states of consciousness and awareness;
• Receive Blessing for Awakening; and
• Be initiated as an Oneness Blessing Giver.
About the Oneness Blessing/Deeksha
The central understanding of Oneness is that inner transformation and awakening into higher states of consciousness are not outcomes of a mere intellectual understanding.  They occur through a shift in consciousness where one’s experience of life is redefined at its core. The Oneness Blessing aka Oneness Deeksha initiates this shift. 
Deeksha is an energy transfer that brings about growth in consciousness. The level of consciousness of a person determines his/her quality of life experience. For instance, one’s experience of financial difficulties, the ability to handle misunderstanding in relationship, or a daughter’s or son’s rebellious nature, the emotional surge when diagnosed with a health problem, the level of connection with people, the intensity of passion at work or play, and joy, depend on one’s level of consciousness. As consciousness rises, there is greater awareness, joy, love, togetherness, and focus in everything that you do and experience.
The Deeksha neither requires practicing a particular way of living nor is it an initiation into following a new path. It does not bind one to any philosophy or ideology. It transcends religious and cultural barriers and awakens each to his/her own spiritual tradition recognizing religion as a matter of personal choice and convenience. People belonging to any faith or age group can receive the Deeksha. Having a faith tradition is not required to receive and experience the benefit of Deeksha.
Join Awakened Oneness Trainers Patricia Keel and Gwendolyn Mitchell for this mystical weekend of bliss. The Oneness Blessing is sweeping the globe and catapulting many people into a state of joy and peace, a state of Oneness, a life where resistance and suffering ceases.  The workshop location and the what to bring will be provided after registration. Register before October 6 for the Early Bird Rate available to first-timers.


  1. Magnolia Wellness Center 2134 Van Ness Ave, San Francisco, CA