No Pants Party: REVIVAL! featuring Mark Slee

Event has passed (Thu Jun 19, 2014 - Thu Jun 19, 2014)
supperclub SF - CLOSED
$10 - $20
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Well now, what do you know about a No Pants Party? Riffed by many and well-played by a few, we weren't the first to take off our pants and we certainly won't be the last. HOWever, nobody does a theme party like San Francisco does a theme party and we are all set to whip it out and prove it!

Tonight's pantsless extravaganza features the exceptional musical stylings of MARK SLEE. Dear friends, this is key! Unobstructed by the oppressive power of pants, one is free to frolic and move one's lower limbs in a full range of motion hitherto limited by the rigid design of outerwear. Along with this new-found freedom comes responsibility:
No Pants = Must Dance.

To get this started right, we will be opening the night with a No Pants fashion show featuring designers from Wild Feather Boutique. From onesie to skirt to the all-famed FUNderwear, we are going to treat your eyes to the bouquet of possibilities that make up a pants-free lifestyle.

Finally, some important definitions:

Pants (noun): an outer garment covering the body from waist to ankle, usually consisting of seams, zippers, pockets, buttons and other inflexible materials

Funderwear (noun): your fun underwear. Full bottomed, colorful, sexy and cute. Something you bought because it made you smile and you know-in your heart of hearts-that they have no business being tucked away under your pants

SO there you have it folks. A dance party for the brazenly bold. A fashion show featuring your friends. A no pants parade of awesomeness. Bring your spirit, leave your inhibitions and for heaven's sake, just take off your pants.

$10 with no pants, $20 if you insist on wearing pants

complimentary pants check
no pants fanny packs for sale

funderwear strongly advised
no shirt-cocking allowed


  1. supperclub SF - CLOSED
    657 Harrison St, San Francisco, CA