New Moon and Solar Eclipse Circle with Dana Damara

Event has passed (Mon Aug 21, 2017 - Mon Aug 21, 2017)
The Center SF
08:00 PM
Sports / Fitness
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The first total solar eclipse touching the continental United States since 1979 touches down on the Oregon coast between Lincoln City and Newport at 10:15 a.m. PDT. Before Oregon, the shadow of the Moon (umbra) does not touch any other landmass or island.
This has not happened in almost forty years, and a lot of people are flocking to Oregon to be a part of this amazing event. However, the truth is … since you ARE part of the Moon and the Stars, you need not travel anywhere to FEEL into the energy of this phenomenal event.  You can tap in right here in SF … with me. 
ECLIPSES are powerful energy vortexes that give us the space and opportunity to make big changes. They happen in conjunction with the New Moon and the Full Moon, and they happen at least twice a year.  A long time ago, eclipses were feared by a lot of people.  They witnessed the energy as very powerful and usually experienced changes immediately afterward that were unexplainable.  This does not change, but two things have:  one is we do not have to fear eclipses and we can predict them now. 
I thought about heading to Oregon for the eclipse but I started to think  … How do I want to ring in this new paradigm of my life?  What do I want to experience? How do I wish to feel?  How do I want to be surrounded by and who do I want to be with? 
With this epic event coming up, I ask you:
·      What are your deepest wishes in this life?
·      Do you know your own power to create this new life you imagine?
·      What do you visualize for yourself right now at this powerful turning point?
·      How focused can you really become?
It is not about seeing the eclipse, it is about managing the eclipse season in your life …right now.
There are 13 Moons in one year, so technically, we have 13 chances a year to alter our course.  However, an eclipse is like a Full/New Moon on steroids!  Things happen fast!  
Depending on space we will either practice yoga or powerful pranayam.  Be prepared to move gently, set New Moon intentions, participate in prayer and meditation. Come dressed in comfortable clothing that you can relax and move freely in.  Also, please bring a writing utensil and something to write in like a journal or notebook.  Dana offers astrological natal chart readings after the event for attendees at a discount - you may inquire after the event.
You MUST register early!  If you have it available, please send Dana your:  birthdate, birth city, birth time, full name  If you do not have all of this information that is alright.  We CAN create a general guideline for you with regard to intention setting and energy releasing. 
Doors and tea 8pm
Event Starts 8.30pm

Pre-Register $25Doors $30


  1. The Center SF 548 Fillmore Street, San Francisco, CA