Wed Apr 25
7:30 - 9:30 PM
$7 - $10
Religion / Spiritual


East Bay International Association for Near-Death Studies (IANDS) presents…
Near-Death Experiencer SHIRLEY SHELANGOSKI

WEDNESDAY, APRIL 25 7:30-9:30 PM
RUDRAMANDIR (830 Bancroft Way, Berkeley)

By the time she entered college, Shirley Shelangoski had declared that she was an atheist. Raised in a strict Catholic household with seven other siblings,“ I did not believe in a Supreme being or an afterlife,” she says. “ I thought everything was completed after this lifetime, lights out.”

But her atheist period was to be short-lived. In 1974, as part of a college field trip, she visited Cancun. While her classmates frolicked on the beach, Shirley went swimming… and died. As she recalls, “I suddenly hit a deep spot where I could not touch the ocean floor. I tried to swim back to shore, but with each wave, I was carried further out. Unbeknownst to me at the time was that I had been caught in a riptide.”

“ I really panicked and continued to go under swallowing water and barely able to catch my breath. I realized that I WAS GOING TO DIE! Everything turned RED! I was terrified! I was in a lot of pain from swallowing salt water.”

As her friends became aware of her situation, she lost consciousness. And immediately, she found herself with another being, watching as pictures of her life began appearing. Says Shirley, “ There was no judgement, just pictures of the life I had lived for 19 years. The pictures began to speed up so fast that it was almost like streaming a video at the end.”

She was propelled towards a bright white light into a new world without limits. “I felt like I was coming home at last! I knew this place and I had access to an infinite amount of knowledge.

“I remember an “AHA” moment where I understood all the things that I could not understand while I was in human form on Earth. I could not bring all that knowledge back with me, but I did understand now who I was. I was a being of light and love and connected to all the Universe.”

She was rescued by her fellow students, but didn’t tell them what had happened… or her family. It was 1974, and the term “near-death experience” didn’t exist.

She went on to a career in criminal justice, working as a probation officer dealing with sex offenders. “I feel that I treated my parolees with respect, but I also held them accountable, she says.

Now retired, she is an activist who works for environmental causes, and getting “dark money” out of politics. Of her NDE, she says, “ I now believe that there is a force beyond us, whether you call it God, Allah, etc. I feel compassion and passion to help people and animals and the environment because I realize that all things are connected.”

Come meet Shirley, and hear the whole story! You are encouraged to bring refreshments for sharing!

East Bay IANDS provides a respectful place to discuss NDE’s and related spiritual events, Open to all; no dogma! A $7-$10 donation is requested to help pay for rent and expenses; no one turned away. Wheelchair-accessible.


  1. RUDRAMANDIR 830 Bancroft Way, Berkeley, CA