NEAR-DEATH EXPERIENCE meeting: NDEr/Paranormal Investigator/Author PETER ANTHONY

Event has passed (Mon Jul 23, 2018 - Mon Jul 23, 2018)
7:30 - 9:30 PM
$7 - $10
Religion / Spiritual, Lecture / Discussion


East Bay International Association for Near-Death Studies (IANDS) presents…
Near-Death Experiencer/Paranormal Investigator PETER ANTHONY

As his career in Hollywood was reaching its peak – working alongside the likes of Dan Rather, Diane Sawyer, Leslie Stahl, and Greer Garson -- Peter Anthony’s life completely changed course when he lay in a hospital bed as an 89-pound man unable to see, walk, or speak.

His encounter with the Other Side launched a spiritual awakening for Peter. Formerly agnostic, he had a life review during which he realized how the smallest of acts has major implications.

“Everyone in your life is precious,” he was told. After recovering, he saw auras and gained psychic skills. Meanwhile, his artistic talents vanished and were replaced with arithmetical knowledge, allowing him to become an expert in Numerology.

Though his NDE account met resistance from many, Hollywood VIPS behind closed doors heard about Peter’s gifts as an intuitive, and began booking private sessions for themselves, as well as their family, friends and colleagues.

In 1995, Peter’s NDE abilities landed him on Fox’s hit TV paranormal show, Sightings. As a psychic detective, working alongside a team of paranormal and forensic experts, he helped resolve forgotten murder cases, as well as exploring haunted houses, cemeteries, caves and concentration camps.

Peter has written two books – one of them, Key Master, received 4-5 star reviews from 90% of readers on Amazon. He has appeared on The Leeza Gibbons Show, Borderline, Beyond Belief; Fact or Fiction, Celebrity Séance, Coast to Coast, The Jesse Dylan Show, among others.

Peter is known for his impassioned presentations. Come meet him – and bring your questions!

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East Bay IANDS provides a respectful place to discuss NDE’s and related spiritual events, Open to all; no dogma! A $7-$10 donation is requested to help pay for rent and expenses; no one turned away. Wheelchair-accessible. Please wear slippers inside the meeting room.

You are encouraged to bring refreshments for sharing! Thank you!

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