Napa City Ghosts & Legends Walking Tours & Events

Wed Sep 20 (full schedule below)
Historic Napa Courthouse
8 pm
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Napa CIty Ghosts & Legends Walking Tour
Ever wonder what it is like to walk with ghosts? Join us on a paranormal adventure like no other, meet the ghosts of Napa City, and learn history like you have never heard it before. There is something dark in Wine Country at night. See for yourself!

On this 90-minute to 2 hour walking tour you will see:
The Old Napa Courthouse - Meet a handsome but long dead Judge who lived at the turn of the last century and is still on the job protecting the Old Napa Courthouse.
An Insane Photographer - Learn about an eccentric photographer who created motion pictures and was acquitted of murder.
The Coombs - Meet the couple who ended their lives publicly in a disturbing and unfinished murder- suicide.
The Legend of Billy Roe - Can you handle meeting a serial killer? What would you ask him? He lingers waiting to speak to guests.
Fagiani Murder - A cold case solved 40 years after it occurred, and for years inspired a Zodiac Killer Conspiracy.
Paranormal Q&A - Got Ghosts? Got Questions? Let's Chat!
All this and many more stories await you on your journey into the very haunted city of Napa. Are you ready to be a ghost hunter?


Historic Napa Courthouse
825 Brown Street
Napa, CA
Wed Sep 20 (8 pm)
Thu Sep 21 (8 pm)
Fri Sep 22 (8 pm)
Sat Sep 23 (8 pm)
Sun Sep 24 (8 pm)

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  1. Historic Napa Courthouse
    825 Brown Street, Napa, CA