Murder Mystery Pub & Grub Crawl. Drink, Dine & Solve Crime!

Sun Mar 25 (full schedule below)
Little Szechuan
Drinks, Food


Solve the murder case as we head to 3 restaurant pubs. Win murder mystery clues along the way by competing at rock paper scissors against fellow detectives. Come up with the most creative/funny murder motive and win a prize! Plus $3 beer/wine along the way!

RSVP *required* here:

This event is every week.

Meeting point: Little Szechuan - meet *outside*. You *must* check in between 7:30PM and 7:45PM if you are planning to attend - please do not try and join us mid-way into the crawl.

We stay at each place for about 40 minutes before heading off to the next stop and we eat a different course at each stop.

Please bring $11.75 in cash for the food, plus $3.25 for tax/tips. This will cover all the food items listed below, as well as dessert. Both the food and tip money will be collected at the beginning of the evening. Drinks can be purchased at each place *individually* and are cash only.

Restaurant #1 - Spring Garden Salad
Restaurant #2 - Margherita Pizza
Restaurant #3 - Chocolate Eclairs & Cream Puffs

NOTE: Drinks/food are cash only.

**Please do NOT call Little Szechuan. We do not eat there and they are not involved with the event. We just meet outside at 7:30pm and then leave at 7:45pm after everyone is checked in***


Little Szechuan
501 Broadway Street
San Francisco, CA
Sun Mar 25 (7:30PM)
Sun Apr 1 (7:30PM)
Sun Apr 8 (7:30PM)


  1. Little Szechuan 501 Broadway Street, San Francisco, CA