Mission Food Tour: App-Guided & All-Inclusive

Event has passed (Sun Dec 9, 2018 - Sun Dec 9, 2018)
11:30 AM
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Sidewalk Taste of the Mission: Cuban Empanadas, Creole Bites & Specialty Scoops
The Mission District is a fusion of historic Latino heritage and continuous innovative transformation. The neighborhood, like its restaurants, is trendy, vibrant, and diverse. Explore this collection of Mission icons and trailblazers, and the stories behind the chefs and bites. Throughout the prix fixe progressive meal, enjoy detours to some of the Mission’s most important boutiques and street art.
What are Sidewalk Tastes?
Sidewalk Tastes are app-guided prix fixe foodie walks.
Each Taste along the way includes tasting notes, neighborhood history, and local recommendations to accompany the Tastes and cultural points of interest.
The best part about Sidewalk Tastes: just show your server your Taste Key in the Sidewalk app to receive your Taste - no need to reach for your wallet. 
On This Sidewalk Taste You'll Enjoy

Laundré: A craft latte (turmeric, lavender, beetroot, chai, matcha or coffee)

Media Noche: Cuban-style empanada (picadillo beef or black bean & queso)

Alba Ray's: Crispy Boudin Balls or Spiced Cauliflower Popcorn

Garden Creamery: Your choice of specialty ice cream flavor

Plan For

2 -3 hours

We recommend starting your Sidewalk Taste anytime between 12:00pm and 3:00pm

The Sidewalk Taste begins at a Laundré, an artisanal candy shop located at 2401 Mission St.  San Francisco CA, 94110

How It Works

Purchase your Taste - After you purchase, you will be sent instructions to download the Sidewalk app so your Taste can be activated. You will see the Sidewalk Taste in the app on the Friday before your Taste. If you do not see your Taste at the top of the homescreen of the Sidewalk app the Friday before your selected weekend, please let us know by emailing [email protected]

Head out - The Sidewalk app guides you to a curated selection of local culinary tastes and cultural icons.  

Show your in-app Taste Key - Receive your Taste hassle-free. Just show your in-app Taste Key. It's like magic.

Indulge - Enjoy your Taste as the app shares tasting insights for each bite and stories behind each place. Continue when you’re ready!

How does Sidewalk Taste work?
Your Sidewalk Taste will appear inside the Sidewalk app (iOS and Android) starting the Friday before your selected weekend.
Begin your Sidewalk Taste at any point of your selected weekend, in conjunction with Taste Hosts’ hours of operation. The Sidewalk app will navigate you to the cultural and culinary stops along your Taste while providing the stories and insights about the neighborhood.
When you arrive at a stop with a Taste, a blue gift box will appear at the bottom of the app screen. Tap on the blue gift box to activate your Taste Key, and then show it to your server to receive your Taste.
Who are Sidewalk Tastes for?
Sidewalk Tastes are designed by locals, for locals. Tastes will help you discover or rediscover culinary icons and neighborhood insights while delivering a new perspective on local culture.
Sidewalk Tastes are the perfect answer for “what do you want to do this weekend?” Tastes are great for dates, special occasions, team outings, celebrations, showing off to out-of-town guests, and work trip excursions.
How long is a Sidewalk Taste?
Most Tastes range from 2 to 3 hours and are around 1 mile in walking distance.
How do I redeem a Taste?
When you arrive at a stop with a Taste, a blue gift box icon will appear at the bottom of your app screen. Simply tap on the icon to activate your Taste Key. Show your Taste Key to your server to receive your Taste.
Do I have to complete the entire Sidewalk Taste in one day?
No. You can enjoy your Sidewalk Taste over the course of your selected weekend. Take your time, enjoy the neighborhood, go window shopping, and digest. Resume your Sidewalk Taste when you are ready.
How much food is provided on a Sidewalk Taste?
Sidewalk Tastes provide a pleasant meal for a moderate eater. Since the meal is spread over 2-3 hours and there is some walking between stops, you should feel happily satiated rather than uncomfortably full.
Do you offer vegetarian Sidewalk Tastes?
Most walks include food boutiques with vegetarian options. Check out the preview of each Sidewalk Taste to see if it is vegetarian-friendly.
I have food allergies - can I go on a Sidewalk Taste?
Sidewalk Tastes feature a variety of cuisines and ingredients. Those with allergies should read about the food offered before choosing a Taste. For safety’s sake, be sure to speak with each server about the ingredients before sampling any Tastes.
Are Sidewalk Tastes available on both iOS and Android?
Yes. You can download the Sidewalk App on iOS and Android.
How can I contact the organizer with any questions?
Please email us at [email protected] and we will respond as quickly as possible.
What's the refund policy?
All sales are final. Sidewalk does not accept returns or issue full or partial refunds for any unused Tastes except in extenuating circumstances such as serious illness, government-mandated obligations, security advisories and natural disasters. If you have questions, contact [email protected] 


  1. Laundre 2401 Mission Street, San Francisco, CA