Media Local Studios

970 O'Brien Drive, Menlo Park, CA
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Movies, Film Production, Music, Recording Studio
Sun - Sat (any time)


Sell more music with a professional mix, music video, and website. We support local artists, offering services you can't afford to miss. Free CD-sales guidance and resources, recording, mixing, music video production, websites, and educational training.

Create a career as an artist. Quit your day job. Take your music to the next level. Stop what's delaying the release of your next album, finish a CD quickly, make money, and move onto your next project! The next local star won't rise from luck.

We run a Class A facility, maintaining high-end, professional gear, while customizing economical packages for your success. Enter a clean, luxurious studio supporting a comfortable atmoshpere for your creative music.

We pride ourselves by staying on the cutting-edge of the music industry. The owner has degrees in Radio & Television, Digital Music Technology, the Recording Arts, and studies Multimedia Engineering & Business Management.

We specialize in hip hop, R&B, pop, and alternat