MARION McGOVERN at Books Inc. Laurel Village

Event has passed (Thu Oct 5, 2017 - Thu Oct 5, 2017)
Books Inc. in Laurel Village
7:00 PM


Marion McGovern, founder and CEO of M Squared Consulting, discusses her new must-read book, Thriving in the Gig Economy: How to Capitalize and Compete in the New World of Work.

In the last five years, the world of work has changed dramatically. Thanks to technology companies like Uber, TaskRabbit, and Instacart, the new "gig economy" seems to constantly be in the news. But most of the media focus is on the low end of the skill spectrum; little attention is being paid to the best-in-class professionals who have chosen an independent path. New digital talent platforms are developing at a rapid clip with a wide variety of business models, many catering to very precise, high-value skill sets.

Thriving in the Gig Economy is an actionable guidebook outlining ways to maneuver in this new world to create a path that optimizes success. You will learn:

The differences between the gig economy and the sharing and on-demand economies.
The best ways to work with digital talent platforms and traditional consulting intermediaries.
Commonsense logistics around digital branding, contracts, and employment issues.
The tools and services to enhance your practice.
The growth in this marketplace is exponential, and Thriving in the Gig Economy is one way for you to take advantage of all its potential.


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