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"If Judy Blume, Lucille Ball, and Chelsea Handler had a three-way
and a love child was born, it would be this book." -- Rachel Dratch

You probably know her as a regular sketch performer on Late Night with Conan O'Brien where she developed such a cult following behind her character “Gyno-blast” that Conan actually created an action figure of the same name. While it might not be every little girl’s dream to inspire an action figure, this is exactly the kind of thing that fits perfectly with Leitman’s quirky and gregarious presence.

In Gawky, comedian Margot Leitman shares the painfully funny chronicle of her
experiences as a lanky kid growing up in New Jersey. Reaching five feet six inches in fourth grade—and approaching six feet in high school— she realized at a young age that she would always stand out in a crowd. Some tall girls grow up to have perfect posture and grace the pages of magazines. Some are natural athletes who excel at basketball or volleyball, with toned and tanned legs to mask their overlarge feet. Then there are the other tall girls—the ones who are always tripping over themselves; the ones who never look normal in any size of clothing; the ones who literally don’t fit in.

To cope, Leitman developed a thick skin and a sharp sense of humor, and instead of forever trying and failing to blend in, she decided to embrace her center-of-attention status.

Leitman writes about taking up every cause she could find, wearing Ziggy
Stardust-era jumpsuits to school (in the nineties), and generally making the most of standing out in a crowd. Both endearing and encouraging, this memoir is a hilarious celebration of growing up gangly; Gawky is a cathartic release of everything awkward girls are forced to endure—as well as a tribute to a youth that was larger than life.

"From calling a chat line (remember those?) to lusting after a pre–Whitney Bobby Brown, Margot Leitman will make you laugh right along with her hormone-fueled adventures, no matter your height. Gawky makes teen angst charming, relatable, and hilarious."
-- Rachel Kramer Bussel, editor of Dirty Girls and Women in Lust

"I never even realized Margot Leitman was that tall. I guess her hilarious and dazzling aura plays tricks on the eyes. Or she slouches when she talks to me. Whatever the case, I'm happy that she wrote this book." -- Kristen Schaal, comedian and The Daily Show with Jon Stewart contributor

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